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          -What's New-

Received the patent of the Centri greaser.

Redesigned the website

Applied for the patent of the Slide greaser

Applied for the patent of the Arm stacker and Inversion stacker.

Renewed the website


― Product List―
Depanner Greaser Glazer   Cleaner
The machine which move the baked bread and cake on the pan to the belt conveyor The machine which apply a release oil to the pan The machine which apply a grazing oil to the baked bread The machine which remove the waste attached to a pan using a brush and compressed air
Scooping depanner
Inversion depanner
All-around depanner
Spray greaser
Centri greaser
Slide greaser
Rotary glazer  Brush-type pan cleaner
Inversion-type pan cleaner 

 Case Stacker & Unstacker  Pan stacker & feeder Inversion machine The other 
The machine which stack or supply cases automatically The machine which stack or supply pans automatically  The machine which invert pans or cases (Upward⇔Downward))
We'll make a variety of products at the request of customers
 Hook stacker
Belt unstacker

Tilt unstacker
Upper load stacker 
Lift stacker
Diving stacker 
Arm stacker 
Inversion stacker
Case inversion machine
Pan inversion machine
Case separator
Pan corrector
Hand cart for pan
 ※It is possible to change the machine dimension at the request of customers.

 Transferring machine
It is passible to decide on sizing of the tansferring machine(Machine length / width / height ,etc.)
Straight conveyor
Curve conveyor
Transer system


①Total design of the lines connecting our products and conveyors is possible
②It is possible to incorporate our products in customer’s existing line.

     【Introduction example】
 ・White bread line
 ・Sweet bun line
 ・Confectionery line
 ・Washing pans/cases line
 ・Stacking/Suppling ,etc.
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