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-Scooping Depanner-


1)This machine can scoop various breads placed on the flat pan and press-molded pan(up to 9mm in depth).

2)It can scoop the bread served with a topping, Because this machine scoop the bottom of the bread.

3)The "Caving of bread" does not occur, because this machine does not use the vacuum suction.

4)It is very quiet and the energy cost is less,

because this machine does not need the suction blower.

5)By adopting the automatic detection of snaking belt, the belt of the machine have a long life.

6)This machine can scoop the bread on the edge of the pan, because its scraper has the function of "Tip-Fold".

7)With only select of the product in the touch panel, this machine can scoop the product in best form for it.


Standard specification
 Available pan width 300mm〜800mm
 Machine length 1500mm〜1700mm
 Machine width 1200mm
 Height of entry side 820mm
 Height of exit side
 Height of exit side
Electric capacity 0.8kW
Air usage 400L/min
 Ability 20pans/min