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-All-around Depanner-




1)This machine is an apparatus born by combining a conventional vacuum with our scooping depanner,

2)It is possible to depan various products as well as to respond to various types of baking trays, such as flat baking trays, deep press-molded baking trays, etc., which enables common use for various products in a single production line.

3)Because the belt for attaching the suction pad is the removable belt, it is possible to wash it.

4)With only select of the product in the touch panel, this machine can scoop the product in best form for it.


Standard specification 
Height of entry side 905mm
 Height of exit side
Height of exit side
Electric capacity When using vacuum suction:8.9kW
When using only the belt:0.8kW
Air usage 400L/min
Ability 20pans/min