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-Spray Greaser-


1)This is a machine for applying a release oil efficiently to the side and bottom of the case for the white bread mainly. (It also can be used for flat baking trays and deep press-molded baking trays.)

2)It can choose between two method of the supplying oil(pump or pressure tank).

3)Because it uses a belt conveyor to transport the cases, cleaning is easy and it is hygienic.

4)By nozzle cleaning machine installed in this machine,  it is no problem of nozzle clogging.

5)We placed importance on the attention to safety and hygiene.

6)Because the nozzle diameter of the spray is larger, it is possible to use also higher viscosity oils.


Standard Specification
×coveyor height+1150mm(height)
Available pan Case for white bread
(pan for sweet bun and bread roll)
Available oil 

Emulsified oil

(for white bread)

Method of supplying oils

Pump or pressure tank

Electric capacity 1.3kW
Air usage 400L/min(0.5MPa)
Ability 10cases/min