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-Centri Greaser-


1)This is the machine that apply a release oil evenly to baking tray for bread roll and sweet bun.

2)The diffusion of the oil mist is very little, because this machine applies the release oil without use of spray .

3)Because this machine does not need the pneumatic component  such as the air cylinder, can use this machine in factory which do not have the air supply equipment.

4)It can clean and maintain this machine easily alone.

5)This machine is a patented product.

【Patent 4947765】


Standard specification
×conveyor height+750mm(height)
Available pan Pan for bread roll/sweet bun/pastry
Available release oil

Natural oil

Low-viscosity index oil

Method of supplying oils Pump
Oil mist prevention Needlessness
 Electric capacity 0.5kW
Air usage Needlessness
ability 20pans/min