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-Slide Greaser- 【New】


1)This machine can apply the oil on the most type pans and cases by the movable spray nozzle, so sharing of the line is possible.

2)It is possible to significantly reduce the amount of oil, because it is possible to apply the oil only where you want apply.

3)This machine possess great ability to release the products from the cases because It is possible to apply release oils evenly to the case which was difficult to apply it until now.(The case of large round shapes and complicated shapes,etc.)

4)Because It does not require a nozzle unit by each case, it is possible to significantly reduce the number of nozzles, and it is possible to reduce cost.

5)Because do not use the recovery oil repetitively unlike in the case of the greaser of masking-type, it is very hygienic.

6)Product changeover can be performed automatically, and the time is only a few seconds.

 This machine is applying for a patent.

Standard specification 
 Avaiable pan Cases for confectionery / white bread
Pan for sweet bun / bread roll
Available release oil All release oils
 Air usage 400L/min
 Ability 8cases/min(confectionery)
10cases/min(White bread)