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-Rotary Glazer-


1)This is machine that efficiently applies glazing oil on the surface of baked bread.

2)By repeating the amplitude and stop and rotation of the brush, it is possible to apply the glazing oil on the surface of the bread.

3)By our unique technology, the glazing oil is supplied and it is possible to change the oil amount briefly.

4)By applying a glazing oil with the brush without the use of spray, it is possible to keep clean the surrounding environment and the machine body.

5)It is possible to change the conveyor speed and working speed of the brushing device.


Standard sresification
×(belt width+500mm)(width)
 Conveyor length 2000mm
Conveyor width 500mm〜700mm
 Conveyor speed 6m/min〜10m/min
(Inverter control)
Electric capacity 730W
Transfer method Belt conveyor

Inclination angle