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-Straight conveyor-
Cahin conveyor Roller conveyor Belt conveyor 

Conveyor Specification
 Conveyor-type  Chain-type  Roller-type Belt-type  
plastic  metal   free roller motor roller 

Stainless Iron(painted)  
 Shape of guide

Method og support Leg  Hanging bolt
Safety cover

Crumb tray Necessity Unnecessity
 Inverter control Necessity Unnecessity

Other option  
Side stopper  Bottom stopper  Upper part stopper


 Elevating machine Air blowing device Motor guard



Protective cover to protect a motor from being damaged


Bridge to cross the conveyor

・ By the made-to-order design,  it is possible to select freely the height, width, length and speed of conveyor.

・ By standardizing the common parts, I realized the price reduction.

・ For safety the wheel cover is equipped with all conveyors.

・ Total design of the lines connecting our products and conveyors is possible