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-Curve conveyor-


1)Because two motors equipped on the side can change the speed, the smooth transfer of pans and cases is possible.

2)For safety the wheel cover is equipped with the conveyor.

3)It is possible to choose from type of chain, motor roller and belt.

4)Usually the crumb tray is equipped on the position of the follower and drive part, but can also be equipped over all.

5)It is possible to select options our straight conveyor(For ex. Stopper, air blowing device and motor guard).

Standard Specification 
Machine dimension

Tailored size to the conveyor

Available product Pan / Case
 Conveyor height Free
Electric capacity 0.4kW

Remarks column

・It is possible to select specification like our straight conveyor(for ex. shape of guide and safety cover, etc.).
・It is possible to produce the S-shaped curve conveyor.